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Vipu Jivani 
Welcome to my web log. Myself Vipu Jivani, a mom of a little princess Eva, avid reader, creative thinker, believing in “Education starts at home. And it might finish at home, too”. I love Art, Nature Emboss painting Games, Puzzles, Movies, Intelligence, cooking and traveling.

By profession, I am a software engineer with B.C.A. and M.C.A degree. Before Eva comes to my life I was an SEO executive. Now, I am spending my full day with Eva and for Eva. I have created this blog to describe her empire with lots of love, daily activities, friends, family, etc., and hence upon her growing she will have a chance to know everything about herself and dive into her childhood.

I also desire that, this blog can be helpful for other parents, caregivers to improve the development of their child. You will also find child activities, childcare tips and parents' corner.

Eva Jivani 
Eva – 2 years old. When she was born, I felt as though my heart would break from loving too much. We are so grateful to God for her. She has brought loads of cheer to our spirits.

Eva loves to play jigsaw puzzles, colors and iPad apps. She spends her day with soft toys and watching educational learning videos like Barney, Tu Ti Tu, Baby Einstein, and Dinosaurs etc. She likes to play with building boxes and kitchen set. She hopes that I scribble on her palm at every night before slumber and also wants that papa combs her hair at every sunrise.

Venus Jivani 
Venus Jivani – the love of my liveliness and a best papa Eva can ever have. I am so grateful for Venus to encourage me for writing this blog about spending my life with Eva.

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