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Monday, 28 March 2016

Best out of Waste - Puzzle Ideas for kids

It’s an innovative recycled Jigsaw puzzle for Kids Crafts and Activities to reuse what you already have, rather than purchasing something new. 

We have lots of paper boxes with vivid designs or cartoon character printed on it. We discard it in scrap which is awful for nature. We can utilize kids water bottle/lunch box, toy boxes, biscuit box, cereal box, old calendar, etc. in our jigsaw puzzle crafts. We can explore a recycled puzzle with no any cost just by applying our imagination and creativity.  

Jigsaw puzzle from water bottle box
Here I have used a box of kid’s water bottle for making a jigsaw puzzle.  
Water bottle box
To begin with open the container and take a photo in your mobile or camera, which helps to solve a puzzle. Then cut a container into three pieces which isolates each of the three jugs. Draw a line with pencil which divides an entire picture into small pieces. Then cut all the shapes with scissors to make puzzle pieces as shown below. 
Opened box

Image Pieces
Now give it to your kids to arrange them in a single picture as below. If your kids need help, show them the saved photo in your camera/mobile. 
Jigsaw Puzzle
Your puzzle is ready for fun activities. Its really a very amazing game for kids to arrange them and make a fun with friends and family. You can carry it during traveling or put it in your society club house. You can also give it to poor children as a gift.


  1. Such simple puzzles for kids, they sure are lovely.

    - Chai - Style.. a Pastiche! -

    1. ya it's very simple but interesting puzzle for kids.

  2. Puzzles can be worked on cooperatively to get completed and this helps develop social skills in children.

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