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Friday, 22 January 2016

Pajama Party Ideas for kids in Preschool

A Pajama party is also known as a sleepover or a slumber party. This type of gathering is most commonly held by children or teenagers, where guests are invited to stay overnight at the home of a friend, sometimes to celebrate birthdays or other special events. Nowadays, this type of party is also celebrated in school. Kids have to come with wearing a special dress like pajama for a Pajama Party in the preschool.

Eva’s school management had also organized the Pajama Party along with a Christmas celebration. Mothers also had an invitation for the party with creative activities. I had also participated with “Object and Shadow Matching” game which I won by participating in a blogging competition organized by Flintobox. Here are a few games and craft ideas for kids in a preschool.

Shadow Matching Game - A fun game of matching objects with their shadows that tickles your child's memory. This game is also played in a group or single. You can arrange these cards open or close depending on the kid’s age group. 
Flintobox's Shadow Game

Shadow Matching Game
Pajama Mismatch - This game is perfectly matched with a Pajama Party. Prepare a few sets of pajama like top and bottom with same color or pattern. Mix all these top and bottoms and give it the to kids for making a matching pair.
Pajama Mismatch
Ball throwing into a basket - This game is also called a judgement game. Kids have to throw a ball into a basket which is placed away from his/her. This game improves children’s hand - eye coordination. 
Ball throwing 
Sorting U-Pins - This sorting game is a one minute game. Take a bowl filling with wheat and put some U-Pins into it and mix well. Now close your kid’s eyes with a hanky and suggest him/her to find U-Pins in a 1 minute. 
Sorting U-pins
Memory game - This game is played in a group. For this game, show few known items to children and tell them to remember its names. Then hide all the stuffs and ask children for speaking loudly one by one. This game is used to test the memory power of kids. 
Memory Game
Tettu Making - Kids love to draw any pictures on face and hands. You can make a tattoo of reindeer, butterfly, flower, Christmas tree, ice cream cone, etc. with water color which can easily remove. You should have to ask kids for any skin infection before making it on his/her face.
Tettu Making
Fun with Paper Folding (Origami) - Paper folding game is full of fun for passing the time during the party. Origami is great for fine tuning motor skills. This activity requires an individual to use their hands, both hands to fold the paper in order to make a creative picture. Sequencing is also important to learn.
Learn Creativity with Nail Art - Girls love to paint their nails with different colors. Nail art is a combination of color art and creativity. It's a nice activity for girls to pass the time with fun during the pajama party. Nail art can also combine with a game like spin the nail paint bottle.
Nail art 
Nail art game

Color craft - Coloring is a best way for children to express themselves. Color craft helps children to understand the different shades of colors, the makeup of colors, and the mixing of colors. It is important for children to develop proper grip and control over a crayon.
Color Craft
Finger cap(Finger puppet) Crafts - It is a fun craft projects and finger puppets transform children into a storyteller. Through this game, Kids learn cooperation and acceptance of others ideas and wishes. It helps to build social skills like kids learn to hear each other and take turns. Finger puppet helps children distinguish between fantasy and reality.
finger caps
Food for the Party - Food, in the end, in our own tradition/party, is something holy. Pajama party food should be yummy and healthy for kids and again it should be light as well as digestive during night. There are so many delicious dishes which are perfect for the party.
Pajama Party Food


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