My Child Eva – Full of life: Diwali Scrapbooking Ideas For Kids


Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Diwali Scrapbooking Ideas For Kids

Diwali is a five day Hindu festival with full of lights, decoration, colors, fireworks and desserts. We celebrate Diwali with our family by doing various activities like cooking, decorating, shopping and crafting. 

Since kids have a Diwali vacation, many parents try to engage their kids in plenty of meaningful and fun learning activities. It's a great opportunity to record all such memories and prepare one wonderful Diwali scrapbook along with your kids.

This Diwali, my little princess Eva also had to submit the Diwali scrapbook to her school, as a part of homework during the vacation. Scrapbook should be including a few of activities she did during the vacation. Here are some of the thoughts we apply for preparing a Diwali scrapbook.

Diwali Scrapbook Cover Page
We decorated the cover page of the scrapbook like main door of the home. We made a design of the door with a light yellow paper and stick it with glue on a page. We put Eva’s small picture inside a door. Above the door area is decorated with a colorful toran and outside is decorated with diyas. I drew some symbols of God like Swastik and Labh - Shubh on a door.
Scrapbook Coverpage
Learn Shapes with Rangoli for Kids
I drew one Rangoli design with few shapes and Eva made it decorative with crayon colors. Through this Rangoli design Eva got a second chance of remembering shapes which already she learned during shape sessions in her school. I drew Rangoli outside of our door and she made it colorful with charoli colors which is specially used for Diwali Rangoli.
Shape Rangoli
Diwali Rangoli
Decorate Diyas and Stands
I gave clay diyas and acrylic colors to Eva and suggest her to make it colorful. I stuck few sequins to give them an attractive look. I made Diya stands from waste paper and cds and decorate them with acrylic colors, beads and sequins. 
Diwali card
We made a Diwali card with an attractive cover page. I drew one Diya on white drawing paper and gave it to Eva for coloring. Then she wrote "Happy Diwali", put Diwali fire crackers and made one swastika with sequins inside of the card.
Diwali Card 
Activities during Diwali Vacation
Eva enjoyed a Diwali vacation with a lot of activities. She made a Rangoli with her colorful bangles, necklace, anklet, stones and flower. She also made a flower design using colorful beads and strings. 

The most memorable day for her was this Diwali since it was her birthday as well. We celebrated her birthday with Diwali diyas and lentils for decoration. 

We went to our native and there she enjoyed more with her little cousin brother and played together with a gadi (cycle toy) which we used to play in our childhood.
Kids Activities
Diwali craft with firecrackers
I cut few rocket shapes from white paper and Eva colored it to decorate the scrapbook. I drew one flower spot and Eva glued thread on it. I helped her to make a Diwali Chakri with button and sparkles. Eva made the page attractive with colorful sparkles and sequins. 
Diwali Crafts
Donating to the Needy
Eva has three piggy banks and she divides all collected money in three parts. Money is mainly which she has received from us and relatives as blessings on various occasions. Every year we open the piggy banks on Children’s Day and go to nearby areas to donate the needy children. Thus we celebrate the Children’s Day with poor kids and gave them a few moments of happiness. Eva also gets a chance of sharing things with others.
Piggy Banks
Diwali scrapbook page can also have few quotes like :
  • The Diwali Night Is Full of Lights
  • The Festival of Light Is Full of Delight
  • You Double the Charm of My Diwali Night
  • Fill Your Life With the Colors and Lights of Happiness
  • On this auspicious festival of lights, may the glow of joy, prosperity and happiness illuminate your life and your home. Wishing you a Happy Diwali.


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