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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Rhymes Recitation Competition

Rhymes help children to learn the wonderful sounds of the language and make every topic very easy to understand. Rhyme adds the magical touch to the development of little ones.

Rhymes recitation is a combination of 3 Rs - Rhyme, Rhythm and Repetition. Rhyme helps to remember what word comes next, rhythm will help the flow, and repetition helps memorization and literacy skills. There are lots of rhymes for learning numbers, alphabets, fruits, vegetables, community helpers and seasons etc.

These days, schools are holding many competitions for kids. My little princess, Eva took part for rhyme recitation competition in her preschool (Lakshaya International School) and secured first rank. She wanted to participate in the competition with “Farmer Plants the Seeds” rhyme. I helped her by preparing a chart which shows the life cycle of a tree. It turns out to be simple for children to find out about planting and developing trees.

Farmer Plants Seeds Chart
Some benefits of rhymes and rhyme recitation competition.

  • Rhyme plays an important role in developing the hearing awareness in the children.
  • Action rhymes that include the entire body, or finger and hands, give an extra dimension by making them more memorable.
  • Research in late decades has given a wealth of knowledge on how sensitivity to rhyme helps children progress with reading.
  • Reading rhyming poetry out loud makes it easier for kids to learn new vocabulary words.
  • Rhyme recitation competition helps to gain confidence in public speaking skills.
  • It is very important for kids vocabulary skills and memorization skills.

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