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Saturday, 22 August 2015

Unforgettable childhood memories - Bachpan

It gives an enormous joy to expound about the childhood memories when I saw this subject of the  #BachpanWithFlinto blogger contest. It gives me the opportunity to rewind my adolescence days and sweet recollections which I have spent in a little town of India.

In rural area of Gujarat, during the electricity outage at evening or night time I passed those moments by playing the antakshari with my bother and companions. After returning from school and finishing homework, I used to spent my evening time with friends and cousins to play indoor and outdoor games, watching TV serials like Shaktimaan, Vikram Vetal, Alif Laila, the 3 stooges etc.

My childhood is passed in a village of Gujarat, India. There we played some of the best childhood games which kids are missing these days. I often impart my childhood games with my little daughter Eva and play with her. Let’s cherish those unforgotten childhood memories and attempt to take children out in the nature from cellphone and computer games.

Farakani(pinwheel) -  Nowadays children play with paper pinwheel. We made our own pinwheel from baval tree thron, side paper of matchbox and small clay ball. It was the amazing toy of childhood.
Dedako (Frog) - The tic-toc toy - Dedako is a one type of musical instrument. It is made using a small spring and oil tin can. It creates an ear-splitting and noisy 'tic-toc' when the level piece is squeezed in and left. To a great degree prevalent toy. The eardrums hummed in torment when friends stealthily came and pressed it near the ear.
Panchika/Chhabba  - This game is played with five stones which is normally most loved by girls. Normally similar size of stones is used for this fabulous game. It is the most ideal method for testing the coordination of eye and hand. This indoor game is played with individually or in a group. 
Gilli danda game - Gilli danda is produced from tree branches. This outdoor game is normally played by boys, however I had often played it with my brother. Nowadays this sport game is played as an indoor game with mobile apps.
Gilli danda
Bullock cart journey - I used to go to our ranch amid vacations for the sake of fun, the voyage from home to ranch was through bullock cart. One good day when we visited Thor bird sanctuary, we got a chance to travel small distance through cart. That helped me to recall the memories of good old childhood days of journey to farm with singing a song of a cart and peeling the ground nuts.
Bullock cart journey
Matchbox card game - Matchbox card is played with two or more players. One player has to throws one card, second player throw his card and if it is laid on first card then the second player win those two cards. 
Matchbox cards
River fun games - There are lots of river fun games like jumping and swimming in the river, throwing stones and making ripples into a water, making a small well or temple from sand and Gauri Vrat Puja (worship) on the river bank. These are all the favorite games of my childhood.
Making temple
Plucking fruits from trees - I passed my school holidays with all these outdoor games. We went in the temple or in farm to collect pink tamarind, tamarind flower, Cordia, setur (mulberry) red ber and pilu from trees. We play the games using pink tamarind seeds. Tamarind flower is used for making a delicious chutney (recipe) which is served with roti and chapati.
Mouthwatering food of farm
Dhamal gotto dham dham - This game is played by sitting in a circle and no one have to see behind. One player has to walk around the circle with a handkerchief and put behind any one child. That child takes the hanky and run after the player till he sits on blank space.
Dhamal gotto dham dham
Chalak chalanu kya ghare bhanu - This is an outdoor game played with five or more than kids. One player, who is sitting in the circle, become a cat and others are divided into four squares(houses). Cat needs milk and demand for it at one by one house. while cat is drinking milk, other players transfer from one house to another house. At that time cat try to run towards the blank house.
Chalak chalanu
Tametu re tametu - This song is played with action in picture and small poem (below), and by the end of the poem kids singing the poem lock the kid in a queue. 
"Tametu re tametu,
Nadie nahva jatu tu,
Ghee gol khatu tu,
aas maas thaliya no thasss"
Tametu re tametu
Bhamardo (Top) - Very common toy famous across the India, in past days it used to be made from wood where nowadays you get it in many varieties.

Bhamardo (Top)
Chakkardi (Spinning Wheel) - Chakkardi is a hand toy produced using soda pop top and string going through the gap in top. For playing with the toy, you need to first wind the string. You can do this by grasping the two finishes of the string and giving it a couple turns. In the wake of moving so as to give the turns, rapidly pull the string both your hands separated and after that bringing your hands closer together to discharge the strain. In the process a couple turns will end up. Again move your hands outwards. This forward and backward activity will keep the plate in movement.
Chakkardi -Spinning Wheel.jpg
Lakhoti (marbles) - Play with Marbles is the street-side game for boys. There are lots of games played with marbles. Mostly, kids play it with fingers. This game is used to increase the concentration skill of kids.
Chidiya udd farrrr - This game is played with finger and no need of logic but requires presence of mind. Just you should have to know that the thing can fly or not. If the thing can fly, up your finger from the ground. This game played like this: sparrow udd farrrrr, craw udd farrrr, buffalo udd farrrr, stone udd farrrr etc.
Chidiya udd
lagori/nagol - This game is played by making a tower of seven stones. Kids have to put largest stone on the ground and then put other stones according to size. Kids divide into two teams. Then one player collapses the tower before the other team hit him with a ball. This game is the best way to learn the opposite of small/big.
Mini Thekamani - You just need to jump the hands or legs without touching otherwise you will be out of the game. It is an outdoor game of boys as well as girls.
Mini thekamani

Mini thekamani
Cycle tyre run race - It is an interesting running race between boys with cycle tyre. You have to just run the tyre with stick or hand whichever comfortable.
Cycle tyre race
Aam churi chappa churi - This song is played by girls with action. Two or more girls can play during their free time. Mostly, we used to play this game during school break time.
Aam churi chappa churi
Chupan chupai (Hide-n-seek) - This game is also called hide-n seek, chor police and aandhra pato. One player is closed his eyes and count till 50 or 100 numbers. During that time other players hide themselves in different places. Then that player open his eyes and find their friends.
chupan chupai
Walking on railroad Tracks - It was the amazing time of school vacation when I went at my uncle’s home and I went for walking on railway track with my cousins. It was the game of balancing our body on tracks.
Walking on railroad tracks
Playing cards pyramid - Arrange playing cards like pyramid or as a tower. It is very funny and sensory game for kids. 
Playing card pyramid
The post is being written for the #BachpanWithFlinto blogger contest.

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