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Sunday, 9 August 2015

Colored Mango Kernel Boat - A rainy activity

Most evenings, I take Eva outside for playing or bicycling at the rear side of our home. However, during rainy days, we can’t go out for a wander or play any outdoor games.

Kids usually gripes about being bored when they have to stay inside the house for prolonged periods. To overcome from apathy, we play various activities inside the home and find something worthwhile to do. 

One such day Eva was playing with her friend Ahaan at our home. I asked if they want to play with colors and paint something. Along with the joy of knowing that they will paint together, they made some cheerful loud noise and started jumping on the floor. They were so enthusiastic because it was the first occasion when they were coloring with brush together.

As both happily agreed, I gave them mango seed kernels along with color brush and watercolor tray with different colors and asked both of them to fill the different colors into it. They colored all the kernels and I wrote few alphabet letters of their names in it. 
Coloring on boats
While coloring, they had big fun mixing two or more basic colors and making new, which was like a magic trick for them.

They were considering this colored mango seed kernels as colorful boats so, I filled some water into a plastic tub and offered it to them. They put all the colored boats in a tub and make an enjoyment with floating boats.
Mango seed boats
Eva and Ahaan enjoyed a lot this indoor activity with singing a rhyme like “ Row Row Row Your Boat”. This rainy activity helps the children to recognize the different colors and the concept of opposite heavy and light in weight. This also helps in educating them primary color and mixture of them make the new secondary & complementary color using the color theory.

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