My Child Eva – Full of life: Fun in Toy’s Birthday Celebration


Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Fun in Toy’s Birthday Celebration

Fun with Toys
During the summer days due to so much of heat usually kids cannot play outside in the afternoon, Eva and her friend Ahaan wanted to play together with toys and some indoor game. I gave them interlocking foam mat cards for alphabet game and asked to arrange the cards in alphabetical order. Both were not interested in learning alphabets. They wanted to play with toys only.

Instead of playing alphabet game, Eva created sofa using interlocking foam mat cards. Then both had picked all the small toys and arrange them such a way that they look like sitting on a so called sofa. Ahaan put a center table for toys and Eva served colorful stones as a chocolates on it.

Eva and Ahaan were celebrating birthday of a small doll. Both had sung a birthday song and blew noise maker for celebration. Both enjoyed too much.  

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