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Thursday, 2 July 2015

Alphabet Sorting with Sound Objects

I would like to share an alphabet activity which I do with my daughter for learning sound objects with related letters. This activity helps her for kindergarten readiness.
Making Pair
To play the early learning game, we collect interlocking foam mat cards of alphabets and the letter sound objects from our house. If you don’t have this type of alphabet cards, one can use any cards instead of it. You can prepare the alphabet cards with uppercase and lowercase letters also.
Interlocking Foam mat cards of Alphabets
For the alphabet letter related objects, help your tot to remember all the words start with the specific letter like A for apple, airplane, almond airport etc. To collect all this object, I told Eva to find the related objects from her toy box, kitchen and house.
Alphabet Sound Objects
First ask your kid to arrange all the alphabet cards in an alphabetical order. Then sort the letter related object and make the pair with cards. Depending on your kid’s age and skill level take more objects for one alphabet letter.
Alphabet Sorting with Objects
This alphabet activity helps your kids to learn phonics, sorting and making a pair. For this activity you can easily find the alphabet letters and mini object kit from online.

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