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Saturday, 6 June 2015

Get Ready for Kindergarten using Leapfrog LeapReader | Fun Learning Activity

Fun learning activities and games focused on fundamental are the most important factors for school readiness skills.

There are plenty of educational toys for kids to learn reading and writing with fun games. Leapfrog has a tag reading system for preschoolers which helps kids to learn how to read on their own. Leapfrog Leapreader is an electronic pen device that is used with books in the Leapreader library. The pen has a sensor at the end that "reads" the words in LeapReader books. Leapreader involves kids in visionary stories with lively character voices while building vocabulary skills and growing reading comprehension skills.

LeapReader is designed for kids between 4 and 8 years old who are just learning to read and write. LeapReader is the complete learn-to-read-and-write solution that combines three important literacy skills: reading, writing and listening.

When Eva was 2 years old, her Papa brought the LeapFrog Tag system (LeapReader) for her birthday present. At that time, she just used to listen the alphabet letters, numbers, sound of pictures and rhymes which I had downloaded into a LeapReader device. The LeapFrog Tag reading system helped Eva to grow her vocabulary and reading method.

These days Eva plays a fun game with the Get Ready for Kindergarten which includes the skills like phonics skills, math skills, reading, social studies, using calendars, vowel sounds, dinosaur facts, syllables, rhyming, and more.

ABC Snack Time:
ABC Snack Time
The ABC Snack Time page is Eva’s favorite part of this book. She enjoys the game of finding alphabet letters with Leapreader. She listen the exciting sound of pictures above the alphabet characters, touching with Leapreader. It helps her to find the sound words of related alphabet letters.

The Special Lunch:
The Special Lunch
Eva loves to read the story of the special lunch. It helps to learn to read the sentence. It helps kids to complete the sentences by identifying pictures of the missing words. It also learns the value of sharing things with friends and others.  

Pattern Place:
Pattern Place
Pattern Place is a game with various pictures used to make the pattern. It includes the shapes like square, triangle, heart, star etc. It helps to identify the difference of big and small. It includes two fun games for each page.

Eva really loves playing with her new toy LeapFrog Tag Get Ready for Kindergarten book.
Visit the LeapFrog website for getting more information about Get Ready for Kindergarten Leapfrog book, Leapreader and other educational resources to get your kids ready for school.

Interested one can see the following introductory video of LeapFrog LeapReader.

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