My Child Eva – Full of life: Mother’s Day Craft - Touch N Feel Card


Sunday, 10 May 2015

Mother’s Day Craft - Touch N Feel Card

The mother’s heart is the child’s schoolroom.

Mom is a sunshine of a child, helps to grow every day like flowers.

The Mother’s day craft of a child is such a precious treasure for each and every mom. This Mother's Day Card is such a sweet homemade gift for me from my little angel Eva. She made a Touch N Feel card for me. Although Eva injured in her fingers of left hand before two days, she made this card using a single hand and that’s why it really touched my heart.  
Finger Printed Mother's Day Card
Eva started to make this card before two days. Saturday morning she told me to give her a card because she wanted to complete it before Sunday morning. I helped her and drew two sleeping lines on a card and told her to write between the two lines. Then I wrote Happy Mother’s Day on a blackboard so that she can copy these letters on a card accordingly. First she wrote with pencil, then colored with crayons. She made a colorful border using crayons on the card. It’s such a great fun for her.  
Mother's Day Card
Then I gave her glue, sequins and our photographs to decorate the card. She made a finger print flowers and butterfly with watercolor. I helped her to cut the shapes of the Sun and Sunrays. She affixed it on a paper. 
Mother's Day Card

The Touch N Feel card helps to recognize the alphabet letters without watching it. You can play a game of finding letters by closing your eyes. It’s a fine motor activity for preschooler kids. This easy mother’s day craft helps your innovative kids to explore their creativity.

Really, it’s such a heartthrob gift for me. To show love I also gave her a puzzle game and a building box game as a return gift, cooked sweet dish and food she loves and made homemade ice cream for her. Overall, we spent a very lovely and memorable mother’s day.

Hope you all had a fantastic special weekend. Happy Mother’s Day to all Moms.