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Thursday, 14 May 2015

Fun with Alphabets & Numbers

Slider with Swimming Pool
Alphabets and numbers are the most favorite stuffs for kids to learn during preschool. Eva always wants to play with it and sings rhymes of alphabets and numbers.

One afternoon, I gave her writing table for alphabet writing activity. Instead of writing, she became busy with sliding alphabets and numbers. I helped her to create a ladder for the slider.

Here’s what we used to create a swimming pool with slider for alphabets and numbers.

  • Folded writing board
  • Stainless steel ruler
  • Plastic alphabet letters and numbers
  • Plastic cloth clips
  • Hula Hoop

Here is how we set up this activity:

First Eva arranged the writing table by folding two legs of it and called a slider. Put hula hoop as a swimming pool besides the table. Instead of using writing table one can use a chopping board from the kitchen and arrange like an image using any box or any else.

I gave her stainless steel ruler and plastic cloth clips for making ladder to climb on a slider. She arranged all the clips on a ruler and put as a ladder. Another option could be folded thick paper, affix with table as a ladder instead of using a ruler. 
Eva used a hula hoop for circular swimming pool. You can create any shape of pool using any stuffs like building blocks, pencils and interlocking foam mat card, etc.

She started playing like the letters & numbers are climbing the ladder and then pushing it a bit to slide through the table. One can use any stuffs like small plastic animals, pencils, small cubes or anything which kids want. If your stuff stick on a table, sprinkle some Carrom board powder or talcum powder.
Sliding letter
I noticed that while climbing the letters Eva was speaking E for Eva and E for Egg etc. She enjoyed this game too much as she loves to slide a lot in sandpit (kids area at place where we live). This activity helps to recognize the numbers and alphabet letters with sound words.

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