My Child Eva – Full of life: April 2015


Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Wheat Berry - Sensory Games

It’s a season of collecting, cleaning and storing wheat for a whole year. Last week we also ordered wheat berry bags in bulk for daily uses. Eva saw the wheat bags and started counting bags. She was eager to open the bags as she wanted to play with wheat berries.

We clean wheat berries and mix castor oil at home and then filled into a large storage drum. While we were cleaning wheat, Eva enjoyed hiding her hands and legs into it. 
Hiding Hands
She wanted to have more fun with this and took few bowls for sensory activities. The sensory activities are too much easy and don’t require more things. The use of tactile materials (wheat, rice, beans) for development of brain and fine motor skill. She started playing with wheat by pouring and filling into bowls. 
Filling Wheat
I asked her to describe the difference between few vs. many and full vs. empty opposite because she had already learnt it in her preschool. She took two plastic containers for the full vs. empty opposite. She started filling wheat in one container and another for empty. 
Full and empty box
Then she added few wheat berries in the empty container for explaining the second difference of few vs. many opposite. 
Few and many wheat berries
For the next game, she took the numbers from her toys and started playing a game of hiding and finding numbers from wheat bowls. 
Finding numbers
The wheat berries activities makes your child more smart for sensory game. It helps to learn creative play of opposite themed activities and number recognition.