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Monday, 30 March 2015

Stone Soup - Heavy/Light Sensory Game

Almost every child likes to collect colorful stones, shells, beads and other inexpensive stuffs, instead of stopping I would rather encourage them for a fun learning activity.

One warm day, Eva insisted on playing with water whilst returning from school. I agreed and asked her to play with colorful stones and make stone soup. During these days she was learning about heavy Vs. light opposites in her preschool. I gave her a big bowl with some water in it. She gathered colorful stones, shells, plastic coins and wheels, marbles, beads of rubber bands etc.

She started adding all collected things in the bowl one by one and observed that stones sunk in the water, whereas plastic coins floated. I explained her the difference between heavy and light things saying “stones are heavy, so they sink and coins are light in weight and hence they float in water”. 
Stone soup
She had now basic idea of heavy Vs light and based on her understanding she categorized them separately. Finally, she ended up dropping everything one by one and had fun observing results as per her imagination. 

Then she took a spoon from the kitchen to play with it and make a stone soup. She thoroughly enjoyed cooking a stone soup. 
Shaking soup

Fun game
I gave her a strainer dish with holes in it and asked her to start counting and identifying colors of them. She continued a counting game with color recognitions.
This stone soup is perfect for sensory game. Children learn about heavy Vs. light weight opposites, number counting and color recognition with this game. You should also tell a story of stone soup to your child. It can be a bath time play or summer activity for your child.

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