My Child Eva – Full of life: Colorful Crafts On Holi Festival


Sunday, 8 March 2015

Colorful Crafts On Holi Festival

Holi -- the festival of colors, joys and spreading love with friends and family, which celebrated in all over the India. It spreads from the lanes of Mathura and Vrindavan, to all over the country. Holi comes at the end of winter and the starting of a spring. Holi is a festival of two days, which signifies the victory of good over evil. Bonfires begin the festival, and messy color ends it.

First day of the festival is called Holi and the day after is called Dhuleti. Holi night celebrates with bonfire, decorated with wooden sticks, flowers and colors. People worship Holi bonfire with dry coconut, Dhani (popcorn), Mamra (puffed rice) and Harada (sweat made from sugar). It also reminds us a story of Prahalad, Holika, Narashima, and Hiranyakashyapa. Dhuleti is celebrated with messy colors  thrown on friends and family members of all ages and enjoy to drink called thandai. 

To make Holi something special with color crafts and messy color activities for kids, one can make kid’s joy double with lots of color activities like sorting color balls, sprinkle color with straw, color matching game, rainbow painting, messy colored hand printing, magic tray for mixing color.

This year, Eva played with colors and made fingerprints on the paper. She printed with colored vegetables like lady finger and cucumber on the paper.
Color Craft
She asked me to color her palm with different colors for hand printing.
Printing Hand

She played with her friends Freya and Ahaan, throwing water color made from kesuda flowers (Butea monosperma).
Holi with friends
This Holi festival has become a fun way for Eva to share a cultural activity with friends. 

I’d also like to share our one of the best memories of Eva’s first Holi Festival. On her first Holi, I decorated a Harada with sweet and dry fruits for her. She played with necklace and get more fun by sucking it like a lollipop.

On this auspicious festival, we bring our child wearing a Harada necklace (made from sugar) for Holi bonfire worship on the kid’s first Holi festival.
Eva's First Holi
Eva (5 months old) wearing a necklace called Harada for Holi festival.


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