My Child Eva – Full of life: March 2015


Monday, 30 March 2015

Stone Soup - Heavy/Light Sensory Game

Almost every child likes to collect colorful stones, shells, beads and other inexpensive stuffs, instead of stopping I would rather encourage them for a fun learning activity.

One warm day, Eva insisted on playing with water whilst returning from school. I agreed and asked her to play with colorful stones and make stone soup. During these days she was learning about heavy Vs. light opposites in her preschool. I gave her a big bowl with some water in it. She gathered colorful stones, shells, plastic coins and wheels, marbles, beads of rubber bands etc.

She started adding all collected things in the bowl one by one and observed that stones sunk in the water, whereas plastic coins floated. I explained her the difference between heavy and light things saying “stones are heavy, so they sink and coins are light in weight and hence they float in water”. 
Stone soup
She had now basic idea of heavy Vs light and based on her understanding she categorized them separately. Finally, she ended up dropping everything one by one and had fun observing results as per her imagination. 

Then she took a spoon from the kitchen to play with it and make a stone soup. She thoroughly enjoyed cooking a stone soup. 
Shaking soup

Fun game
I gave her a strainer dish with holes in it and asked her to start counting and identifying colors of them. She continued a counting game with color recognitions.
This stone soup is perfect for sensory game. Children learn about heavy Vs. light weight opposites, number counting and color recognition with this game. You should also tell a story of stone soup to your child. It can be a bath time play or summer activity for your child.

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Ripples Fun - Color Craft & Opposite Theme

Many times kids just ask their cute, little questions and it can be an inspiration to engage with them. An idea of some creative activity and one can spend quality time with kids.  It could be very small like throwing a stone in calm water which creates ripples.

Recently we visited Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary to see the beauty of lake with plenty of birds around. When we were busy observing nature, Eva threw some stones into water. She asked me for the design created while she dropped a stone into a lake. It was nothing but ripples spread out when a stone dropped into a calm water. She liked that effect and did not want to stop doing it. She pointed a finger to different size of the circles into the water with singing a rhyme like “Here is a circle, Here is a circle….”. She enjoyed with ripples fun.

To start the joyful color craft activity, I drew the different size of circles and cut the papers accordingly. I gave all to Eva and asked her to color. I explained her the difference between small and big and then asked her to arrange them according to size and color. She had lot of fun with circles and jumped on it, also counted the number of jumps she made.
Before moving ahead,  I shown her images of rain drops in water, afterwards to mimic the effect asked her to throw few stones into a water filled in bathtub. I believe this kind of practical activity always helps kids to grasp very quickly.

And finally, told her to make the ripples with the help of different circles. We made the ripples by arranging them one by one.
I gave her a lot of hair rubber bands to play. She told to me to help her for creating ripples using the colorful rubber bands.
First, she categorized all those rubbers into small and big. I helped her to arrange the rubbers for creating ripples.
It’s a great fun for kids to learn about colors, big vs small, counting, sequence and sorting circle game. There are lots of scientific things to learn and discuss in more depth if you have slightly older children.

To make activity more joyful, one can sing rhyme about circle along with kid, here it goes...

    Here is a Circle,
    Here is a Circle,

    How can you tell?
    How can you tell?

    It goes round and round,
    No ends can be found,

    It’s a round, it’s a circle,
         circle, circle.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Colorful Crafts On Holi Festival

Holi -- the festival of colors, joys and spreading love with friends and family, which celebrated in all over the India. It spreads from the lanes of Mathura and Vrindavan, to all over the country. Holi comes at the end of winter and the starting of a spring. Holi is a festival of two days, which signifies the victory of good over evil. Bonfires begin the festival, and messy color ends it.

First day of the festival is called Holi and the day after is called Dhuleti. Holi night celebrates with bonfire, decorated with wooden sticks, flowers and colors. People worship Holi bonfire with dry coconut, Dhani (popcorn), Mamra (puffed rice) and Harada (sweat made from sugar). It also reminds us a story of Prahalad, Holika, Narashima, and Hiranyakashyapa. Dhuleti is celebrated with messy colors  thrown on friends and family members of all ages and enjoy to drink called thandai. 

To make Holi something special with color crafts and messy color activities for kids, one can make kid’s joy double with lots of color activities like sorting color balls, sprinkle color with straw, color matching game, rainbow painting, messy colored hand printing, magic tray for mixing color.

This year, Eva played with colors and made fingerprints on the paper. She printed with colored vegetables like lady finger and cucumber on the paper.
Color Craft
She asked me to color her palm with different colors for hand printing.
Printing Hand

She played with her friends Freya and Ahaan, throwing water color made from kesuda flowers (Butea monosperma).
Holi with friends
This Holi festival has become a fun way for Eva to share a cultural activity with friends. 

I’d also like to share our one of the best memories of Eva’s first Holi Festival. On her first Holi, I decorated a Harada with sweet and dry fruits for her. She played with necklace and get more fun by sucking it like a lollipop.

On this auspicious festival, we bring our child wearing a Harada necklace (made from sugar) for Holi bonfire worship on the kid’s first Holi festival.
Eva's First Holi
Eva (5 months old) wearing a necklace called Harada for Holi festival.