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Friday, 27 February 2015

Sorting Socks & Helping Mamma

During the winter season, there are lots of socks in a laundry. I keep all those out on a balcony to give them sunlight. One day Eva came from school and saw her socks outsides. She asked me more about the socks, because she wanted to play with colorful socks. I told her to take them in the hall and sort them in a matching pair.
She was very eager to play with colorful socks. She started to put the socks in a line and finding another matching colored socks with the same patterns. She started to sort the socks and arranged all the socks in a matching pair and called me to see. 
Eva making pairs
That time I really proud of this work because she completed it without my help. Then I asked her colors and patterns of the socks. She recognized all the colors and patterns by herself. I asked her to count a pair of socks. 
Sorted socks
 The game “Sorting Socks” is really a joyful winter game for kids. It helps to learn colors, counting and different patterns with a lot of fun. The other side kids can help mamma with this game.

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