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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Shapes with stones

Stones are the attractive things for the children of any age. They like to collect the stones of different shapes, size and colors. Pebbles can be used in many ways like, decorations for indoor gardens or masterpieces to be shown throughout the home, also for forming kids learning activity with fun.

Stones are easily available and almost zero or no cost. It helps the kids to open closed eyes for creativity and make them busy with different learning activities.
Searching Stones
Eva also likes to play with stones very much. She likes to throw it into the pit or in water. During Diwali vacation, we went to kid’s sand pit playing area, where I had asked her to collect various stones from sand. After some time she came back with collected stones of different colors. And then, I helped her to categorize it into different colors like black, white and orange. We had also collected few small shells from the sand.
Filter stones
Then I had drawn different shapes using chalk and asked her to arrange the pebbles on it. She had started to put the white stones on line and create the shape with pebbles. She knows the basic shapes like triangle, square, line, circle, semicircle, star and heart. So, she asked me to draw the shapes one by one and she put the pebbles on it.
Creating shapes
 Shape making with stone is a fine motor activity for preschool kids. It helps for better grip to hold pencils or crayons using a thumb and two fingers. This activity kept Eva busy for a long time. I would urge you to take a serious note that, activity should done under parental supervision to avoid the risk of swallow small pebbles.
Shapes with stones


  1. A blog on your child's name and here you cover her activities.. Very interesting.

  2. Children often create their own style of playing.... Interesting Post!