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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Play doh fun on Ganesha Celebration

Lord Ganesha, the elephant faced god worshiped in all houses and loved by all. The kids are all time big fans of Ganesha and always like all items such as clothes, bags, bottles, rakhi, toys etc. printed with Ganesha. Kids also like the festival Ganesh Chaturthi and make lots of fun during the 10 days of the Ganapati.

I had told Eva a story of Ganesha and she had watched videos and movie of Ganesha on iPad before beginning of the festival. She was very much excited and looking forward to how we celebrate it.

Nowadays, most of the people like to celebrate the festivals in an Eco-friendly way. After all, it’s a better way for an environment. During the 10 days of the festival we did many of Ganesha  activities. We celebrated the Ganapati in our society and organized events like talent show for children and elders, musical night, open exhibition of various things like art & craft, games, food, clothes and so on. Eva enjoyed it thoroughly with her friends Freya and Ahaan.
Fun with friends on Ganesha
We had prepared Laddu and celebrate the Ganesh Chaturthi at our home with Ganesh aarti like “Jay Ganesh Jay Ganesh” and “Morya Re Bappa Morya Re”. Eva loves eating laddu and it is among one of her favourite dishes, for Eva celebrating Ganesh could be the another reason for eating too many laddus :).

Eva told me to help her in making Ganesha from play doh. Then we made an Eco-friendly Ganesha Idol in different styles and also made mouse, laddu plate, rangoli and flower pots for platform decoration from play doh. It’s really a nice idea to create an Eco-friendly Ganesha using play doh who all celebrate individually at home.
Ganesha from Play doh

Ganesha with cake and laddu

Eco-friendly Ganesha from Play doh

Rangoli for Ganesha platform decoration
I believe forming such activities doubles the joy of celebration for kids, also they get a chance to know the origins of Ganesha, the importance of the festivals in our life and the way we celebrate it.

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