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Monday, 7 July 2014

Mother’s Day Celebration at Preschool

“Mother is the name for god in the lips and hearts of little children".
Mother's Day Card
Mother's Day Card
Handprint on Mother's Day card
Hand print on Mother's Day card
Eva’s school had planned for celebrating mothers day on 27th June 2014. To make it joyful, memorable and special we made this card as a Mother's Day activity on previous evening only. First time Eva painted with color brush and print her hand for Mamma. During the celebration, she has shown it to her class teacher with full of excitement.

Preschool authority had planned celebration in a way, where all kid’s mom had to arrive to school after an hour of school starts.

I cannot express in words how all the kids were glad to see their moms entered into the classroom. When Eva saw me there, she quickly stands up on her seat and cheered “mamma” with full of happiness.

Now it’s time for the celebration and activity, all the moms have to represent their recipes as a gift for children. I had prepared “Delightful Khatta Dhokla” with different shapes. It is the mouthwatering recipe for the children and attractive shapes makes it fun to eat.
Celebration at Eurokids
Celebration at Eurokids

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