My Child Eva – Full of life: Seek-N-Put (Alphabet matching game)


Sunday, 18 May 2014

Seek-N-Put (Alphabet matching game)

Preschoolers love the alphabets and like to create interesting activities with letters. Almost, all children usually find letters from newspapers, or any advertisement, bags, cars, toys, clothes, shop banners etc. Many times Eva uses her tiny fingers to show the alphabet letters from building names, T-shirt, boxes, bottles, food packets and tells mamma, G for giraffe, E for elephant and so on.

It’s a fact that, learning with fun makes the experience of learning well, and hence here we are playing a game of seeking and putting alphabet letters. It’s a great activity to recognize the alphabet and match with the same letters. Eva has interlocking foam mat cards of alphabets, she received this gift from my auntie.
Alphabet Train & Tower
Every time she used to play with alphabet cards, either make a tower or train using it. At the end, you can find them laying everywhere in the drawing room. In order to revamp and start learning with fun, I set out an idea of playing a game with the avail of these cards.
Sorting cards accrding to crayon color
First of all I put five different colored crayons (in this case matching with cards) on top. Now I ask Eva to find and put the card with matching color against the crayons. By doing  this, she categorized them and makes different rows as colored on it (as displayed in the above picture).

To play this one can prepare the cards on different colored cardboard or get some foam mat cards jigsaw game.
Jigsaw cubes

Side by side, we have got a puzzle game consist of several blocks. Each cube has six different types of pictures, including alphabet letter, relevant image (e.g. M for Mango in above picture) , colors, patterns, numbers and counting numbers image (e.g. eight strawberries in above picture). Eva was gifted this puzzle game from her friend Khanak on her birthday.

Here we are playing alphabet match, we are matching letter on a box with the same letter on the foam mat card.
Finding letters

I ask Eva to match the letter written on a box with cards and put it on the card which has same letter. She identifies the alphabet letters with an image and arrange it on card smartly.

Here we also get a chance to educate kids the difference between short and tall. After explaining, Eva starts recognizing the short and the tall line of cards easily.
Cubes on Cards
The Seek-N-Put game keeps kids busy with alphabets and aid in learning skills like recognition, color screening and short vs. tall difference. The beauty of this game is that, it doesn’t require costly toys/stuffs and you can also use other alternatives of the alphabet as well.

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